Saturday, January 8, 2011


That's us

Our growth as a presence on the internet is slowly but surely gaining momentum. Not that anyone is reading this besides Russell's roommate (Hi Jon). After reading Russell's post, I thought I'd give a little taste of my own incredulity following the release of our first app.

If you googled our name The "Apptidudes" two days ago, google would just show you results for our namesake, the word "aptitude". It changed your search results and assumed you were wrong when you typed it in.

Now, we're showing up on all of the android market indexes (androlib, androidzoom etc) and our twitter is the first search result. This is a great foundation we've laid in the event that we EVER EVER gain any sort of popularity on the internet. At the very least, I can navigate to most of our stuff relatively easily.

Right now we're trying to decide what the next step for us is in the app department. It's incredibly difficult to come up with an original idea (we probably won't) but it's also hard to come up with something that you want to do that may or may not find its way onto peoples phones. There are a few directions we could go at the moment, and we'll let you know when we know exactly what's going to happen. Whatever it is, we're going to do it well. I hope.

We like sports and we don't care who knows,


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