Saturday, January 8, 2011


So I'm up late and have nothing to do, so I'm going to give you all some updates on the app's progress at the moment.

So with being on the market for less than 2 days, we've already moved from the less than 50 downloads division to the 100-500 downloads division! Thats more than 50 downloads a day! The fact that within a short amount of time, over 100 people have been exposed to our app is crazy to me.

Not only did over 100 people download our free app (and counting!) but at the moment we've already had more buys on the paid app than I expected this early on. (Mainly because I expected zero people to buy it at this point). Buyers include people from USA, Germany, the UK, and Sweden. I guess The Apptidudes are officially internationally renown developers.... or something like that.

I appreciate everyone who is using and rating the app, especially if you were one of the few who spent money on it. Thanks for your support!

Does anyone even read this?


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