Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Other kids might spend their winter breaks differently...

Not us. Enter Russell and Jarvis, two totally regular guys who spend their free time doing constructive stuff. Both are freshman in college (Russell at Carnegie Mellon and Jarvis at Georgia Tech) and are pretty enthusiastic about programming.

I'm going to break from third person now, but we can pretend I didn't. Russell and I haven't had a lot of programming experience, but so far, we're big fans. We've always been computer people, but our somewhat lazy nature in the past has prevented us from pursuing any long term goals in the programming world until now. We'll be releasing our first android app in the very near future. This is the first, but most certainly not the last you'll hear from us in that department. I mean, we're calling ourselves the Apptidudes...sorry about that, I have an affinity for puns.

No one's ever going to read this blog, so I really have no idea why I'm writing it. Perhaps in the future we'll gain some sort of pseudo-popularity that will retroactively validate the existence of this blog. In reality, it exists because when I was registering for the Android Market, I didn't have anything to put in the website field.

Now I do. Enjoy,


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